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If you are interested in one of the homes in Werf Acht, you can register online using the form on this website. After you have submitted the form you will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail. This means that the registration has been received by us in good order.

Didn’t receive a confirmation email for your registration? First check the spam box in your e-mail program. If you have not received anything there either, please send an email to

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You can now register for a Werf Acht home!

Allocation procedure

Eefje Voogd Realtors checks whether registrations are complete. There is no draw, the seller assigns the building numbers. We take into account the first preference, among other things. You also get priority if you leave a rental home from Stadgenoot behind. We will inform all registrants as soon as possible whether they are eligible for the home of their choice.

Important information

To prevent speculation, Stadgenoot is obliged to include a clause for self-occupation. The buyer will use the house himself or have it used by his child (ren) / parents and not to alienate or rent out the sold property for a period of two years after completion of the sold. In case of violation, a fine applies.


Registering for a home does not guarantee the allocation of a home. Only one registration form may be submitted per (future) household. Double registrations will be checked in advance and if necessary excluded from participation. The purchase and contracting agreement is only made out in the name of the tenderer / partner who is / are mentioned on the registration form. In case of registration without reservation financing, no financing reservation will be included in the purchase and building agreement.


On the downloads page you will find important information about the project. If you are seriously interested in one of the properties, we advise you to read the available documents carefully because they describe in detail what is offered.

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